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Oh Hello Again…

September 23, 2013

…It’s been a while hasn’t it? September was the whirlwind I expected it to be, and yet I’ve made it to the (almost) end pretty much alive (my state of ‘aliveness’ was a bit questionable during my 18 hour sleep-athon over the last  two days). In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing (which you probably haven’t- but humor me anyways) I’ve drawn some pictures to better explain. Enjoy.

During my time of blogging absence I’ve been…


…Working hard (and usually long into the night) to get my Fall 2013 Collection up and online)



…Managing a local pet store (in the 40 hours of the week  I’m not creating clothing masterpieces). I also got bit by a guinea pig on my index finger which didn’t fare well for typing.



…Preparing for and actually doing Buffalo Fashion Week. I’m not actually that short, but it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of how my amazon women models made me feel.

Besides these three main things I also had wonderful friends and family visit and all my daily housekeeping chores (which I admit, my husband did most of). I looking forward to a moment of R&R before I jump back in it with an application to Charleston Fashion Week. Wish me luck!



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