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Denim & Denim: A Love Story

September 25, 2013

Denim gets married to denim all the time now days. It also gets divorced. A lot. (Think Canadian Tuxedo worthy of Trailer Park Boys) Some marriages actually do survive and everything works together really well. Here is my denim and denim matrimony along with a few tips as to why (I think) this works.


Marriage rule #1: Supplement denim with other neutrals. Think dark navy, black or brown works the best. (This outfit was a little scary before I put the jacket on!)


Marriage Rule #2: Play high/low with your formality. In other words, pair casual denim with something more structured. I am actually wearing a J.Crew wool suit jacket here. You can always roll the sleeves up to keep the look fluid.


Marriage Rule #3: It looks best when your denims are very different shades. A light chambray and a dark wash usually work the best. If your shades are too close, it looks like you matched it poorly. Also be sure to stick with solid washes.



Marriage Rule #4: Don’t forget your accessories!! Jewelry (not to mention leopard shoes) can make this tonal outfit a little bit more fun. BTW- this bottom picture is me trying (and failing) to show off my awesome shoes.

Best of luck with your own denim duos!!



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