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Fall 2014: The Antelope Are In The House

October 7, 2013



Look2  Look4 

Fashion photography can be so fun, but often times it ends up so boring (probably because easy poses and backgrounds are nice to the checkbook). With this Fall, I’m taking my line to Africa (okay, maybe only visually) and having a little fun.

It all started with a little crocodile inspiration, which led to pleating on the clothes, and ultimately a photo shoot with antelopes. I mean, the clothes had embodied the crocodile so what better head to use than a creature that is always victim to the former? Ooh the irony. I love it. I also loved doing this shoot and all the photo shopping that came after it (I didn’t after all, fly a model to Africa to ethereally float over the Savanna). To see the rest of the collection click on the shop link on the right, or here. I hope you love it too. 🙂

xoxox & a happy Monday,


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  1. October 7, 2013 10:16 am

    these pictures made me laugh! ana

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