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The Easiest DIY (Halloween) Placemats Ever

October 29, 2013

When it comes to buying decorations for any holiday, I’m not going to lie, I become a total cheapskate. The ever practical person that I am, I have trouble rationalizing the spending of any significant amount of money (ok,ok or just anything over $10) on something I have to keep in storage most of the time and use for about 1 month. A new pair of boots for $350…no problem! A $20 tablecloth for Halloween…eeeh. maybe not, that  seems a bit steep. This shouldn’t be wholly surprising as it’s coming from the woman that has worn her wedding dress on multiple (non-wedding) related occasions (you know…like grocery shopping). Never underestimate cost per wear.

The only issue with all this is…that I love holidays. If I didn’t give a rat’s ass, then I wouldn’t even bother decorating. However, every year I’m like, “to buy or not to buy”. This year was no different, as we were hosting a Halloween party last Saturday. Usually, I just decorate in natural items (read: pumpkins) that I can use again for general fall decor until they finally die. But I felt I needed to spice it up a bit for our costume party.

I knew I wasn’t going to go all out decorating the house for the party, but I at least wanted a pretty tablescape of sorts where all the munchy snack food would be. It all came together when I was wandering  around JoAnns and ran across spider printed burlap. The rest is history.


Check out how I made the easiest placemats ever for this party:

Step 1: Cut out rectangles. I seriously just folded a yard of fabric in fourths and cut along the edges. Then I trimmed them down a touch so they wouldn’t be huge.



Step 2: Apply fray check (you can find it in any craft  or sewing store) along the edges. This isn’t really necessary, but it keeps the burlap from unraveling.016


Step 3: Wait for the fray check to dry. 018


Step 4: OMG, you’re finished! How easy was that? I added this spider stand in the middle (for $8 at JoAnns it was the perfect centerpiece to house my cupcakes) and some pumpkin spice votives. The graves in the background are painted cardboard (ie: disposable) and are destined for my yard as soon as it stops raining. 023


These salt and pepper shakers came from my mom many a Halloween ago. Unlike me, she has absolutely no problem buying holiday accessories. A red le creuset ramekin houses m&m’s for an after dinner desert.


When these candles burn down, I plan on turning the glasses into mercury glass via looking glass spray paint (do I hear another project in the future?!!? answer- uh, yes)

The best part of these placemats was how much I didn’t care if someone managed to knock a whole glass of red hunch punch (side note: you are never too old for hunch punch) all over them. Perfect.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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