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Fur Real

January 7, 2014

Okay, okay. Sorry about the bad pun in the title (although, let’s be real- I’m not actually sorry). Seeing as it is unusually cold in most parts of the country today (thanks polar vortex!), I felt like it was the perfect time to discuss the hot trend right now: fur.

In my honest, and very humble opinion, fur is always on trend…if worn correctly of course. Just think about it. How many times have you seen a well coiffed and jeweled woman in an elegant fur coat and high heels leaving a restaurant and thought, ‘wow, she looks so last year’. My guess would be never. If anything, the thought would probably be more like, ‘that is one classy lady. I want to look like that’.

However, the minute you stray from classy 50’s bombshell, things get a bit trendy. This isn’t a bad thing…in fact…it’s our present day situation. Just look at these duds from the Fall 2013 designer line up:

fen_fw13_006[1] lvn_fw13_0931[1]

                            Fendi                                                                                     Lanvin

dvn_fw13_146[1] hil_fw13_031[1]

                Dries Van Noten                                                                   Tommy Hilfiger

It’s not all about coats, vests, and jackets though. Open any Pottery Barn magazine and you will see pillows, puffs, throws, and even fur covered iphone sized bean bags (literally, a bean bag to hold your iphone. check out Pottery Barn Teen). As a fashion designer (who has been swept off their feet by fur) I wanted to incorporate it into a winter additions piece…but didn’t want to take it to the coat arena. The result? These amazing fur clutches:

012 020

I really think there is nothing  better than prancing around town clutching (I’m sorry, I’m doing it again with the bad puns) a fantastically furry accessory. I’ve meant to take pictures of my latest outfits with this charmers, but my forgetfulness as interceded every time. Maybe this will be the week!

Stay warm!


ps. The best thing anyone has ever said to me while sporting above clutch is: ‘Is that alive??’

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