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(sort of) Brand New

January 10, 2014

Do you ever ‘discover’ a brand for the first time and, at risk of looking like a cave dwelling homeless person, you freak out because it’s that awesome. That literally  happened to me the other day when I ran across a picture of a swimsuit.

Side Note: I literally get a little swimsuit crazy this time of year. I know that it doesn’t make any sense. Not only is my body in eat everything in sight to fatten up for the winter, but I also happen to live in New York State with no defined plans to escape the Great White North (and you know, don a maillot without contracting frostbite). Maybe it’s just the wishful lusting after things I cannot use, but every year I spend most of January coveting swim suits.

So, of course, I was drawn to this picture of an adorable bathing suit. The magazine script said that it was made by Zimmermann: a company I have never heard of (cue internet research time). Most of the time when I look up a brand, I see one or two exciting pieces (usually the one advertised) and everything else is not my style. This was not the case with Zimmermann. I literally looked at every single thing the website had to offer (consequently ensuring that dinner was started a full 45 minutes after originally intended…oops) and drooled the whole time.

The lines are so clean and, even though I’m not a frilly girly girl, the ruffles and flower prints sucked me right in. You may be sitting with your tablet of choice on your living room sofa sighing and thinking, ‘poor girl, she must live in a remote village. I’ve known about Zimmermann for yearsss’. If that describes you, feel free to keep your pitying to yourself and let me enjoy my moment of new brand revelation. And, in the meantime, you can enjoy these pictures of my favorite Zimmermann pieces.

Verano Laser Frill 1 PcScout Wrap One Shoulder 1 Pc


I don’t think a one piece has ever looked so sexy.

Verano Laser Frill Bikini - COMING SOON Scout Balcony Bikini

Finally- a new twist to the typical bikini!


Good Love Gold Leaf DressGood Love Plume Bib


Left: dress (YES!!!), Right: bib (aka: crop top halter….*faint*)

Good Love Triangular ClutchPuffy Pump


There’s even accessories!!! Triangle clutches and puffy pumps!!

Verano Ric Rac PlaysuitVerano Tie Playsuit


Seriously, I can’t contain myself….PLAYSUITS. In other words—> onesies with shorts. Please kill me now (or let me borrow your credit card)

Precocious Stitched Bow DressHonour Check Twist Dress


Light: lemonade on the porch Scarlett O’Hara ready. Right: cocktail party conqueror

Okay, I need to stop before I decide to sell off all my worldly possessions (in retrospect…very Jesus like) to buy more worldly possessions (not very Jesus like). To have a conniption fit of your own, and find an easy way to separate with some money, head over to: www.

Happy Friday!



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