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Barstool Brainstorming

April 2, 2014

So, while you’ve been going about your week doing your thing (solving world peace, closing big accounts, making great sales) I’ve been thinking about barstools. We recently just moved, and actually have a legit breakfast bar which, in turn, lead me to assess barstools for lengthy periods of time. Here are a few ruminations I’ve come to:

  1. It’s nice when barstools have backs. Yes, you can have really cool backless barstools (there are tons…) but let’s not forget the root of the word BARstool. If you can’t (almost) immediately recount a time (or several) that you nearly fell off (or maybe just plain fell off) a barstool backwards at a bar during college…you haven’t really lived. With that said, it doesn’t really need to happen again, so for the love of your safety (and the preservation of day drinking) get a barstool that has a back. Here’s an easy guide to how much a back is a good back as shown by Pottery Barn Barstools:

While these are cute, easy to move around, (See point #2) and great for a family (red flag #1) they are probably not 3+ glasses of wine friendly. Proceed with caution.

Now we’re getting somewhere. These are much safer…although, I can’t help but wonder if after a few you wouldn’t slide down off the wicker?

Hayes Tufted Barstool

Maybe it’s because I’m a sit back and relax kind of person…but these have a certain relaxing appeal (not to mention that you have to surpass an intoxication level you should be nowhere near in order to fall out of these.)

2.     Barstools should be easy to move. Case in point…look at all the cool places you can put barstools:


It’s a beautiful day outside and you want to enjoy your breakfast (read: mimosa) outside, but at the glorious height of your bar. Plus, isn’t it convenient that there is already a footrest all the way around?


Let’s be real, how do you expect to try on 5 inch stilettos in that little dinky chair? You need an elegant, leather tufted (yes, those are tufts, not rogue spiders) barstool in the corner to lean on.

submersible stool that illuminates, ideal for replicating the swim-up bar experience used in finer resorts. A poolside remote control activates the stool's built-in, waterproof four-color LED array that illuminates the stool for optimal nighttime mood lighting.

I don’t even need to crappily draw in a barstool for this one! Unfortunately, the ones in the picture are no longer available…however…you can always just toss any virtually indestructible (read: metal) barstool into the pool for the night (although…I thought we were trying to get away from the things we would do while drinking in college…). Side note: It’s always a good idea to take aforementioned bar stool out of the pool the next day to prevent rust, etc.

And here are a few of my favorites that I’ve rounded up  on Pinterest:

Give new life to old furniture, like these old wooden bar stools, with Krylon paint! Tutoral via Honey Bear Lane.Typewriter Bar Stool Makeover on Shabby Creek Cottage at

all white kitchen | First of all, I love white kitchens and I especially love her ...Unusual two seated bar seat.  Extra small settee elevated to correct height? -

Chinoiserie Barstool - HorchowChinoiserie Barstool outdoor/indoor. Frame made of aluminum. Cushion made of polyester filled with quick-dry foam with polyester fiber. 19"W x 23"D x 49"T. 25 lbs. Imported White Chinoiserie Barstool: 655.00 HCS13_H6T0F Blue Chinoiserie Barstool: 655.00 HCS13_H6T0M Orange Chinoiserie Barstool: 655.00 HCS13_H6T0Rlove the nailhead trim on the stools and I LOVE how the island is shaped to fit 4 stools- such a great use of space!!

They’re kind of all over the place style wise…so it’ll be interesting to see what ends up being ‘the one’.

Happy Wednesday!




ps. All of the Pinterest barstools can be found here.

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