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Peter Pilotto for Target

April 9, 2014

It’s early February of this year on a Tuesday, and I am making phone calls to every Target in the Buffalo area:

Target Employee: “Thanks for calling Target, how can we help you today?”

Me: “Yeah, I was wondering if your store will be carrying the Peter Pilotto collection coming out on Sunday”

***Long pause***

Target Employee: “Uhhh, let me see. How do you spell that?”

Me: ***thinking- ‘this is not good’*** gives spelling…waits 5 mins for employee to collect information***

Target Employee: “We aren’t carrying it, but the Target by the Galleria is.”

I show up to the Target by the Galleria at exactly 7:55 am on Sunday morning. I’ve driven about 45 minutes and I’m ready to put up a fight for my size. However, judging by the people in the parking lot, I don’t think fighting will be necessary. There are three other cars. Two have men in them (side note: what man waits outside Target at 8am for them to open?) and the other has an overweight lady (ie: not a size competition for me). I guess there is some sort of a bonus for living in Buffalo, NY.

8am: I am in the doors.

8:15am: I have pretty much every piece of the collection in my cart and I’m trying not to hyperventilate at the awesomeness of it all. No one else is shopping…at all…anywhere in the store. Target employees are staring at me like I’m a crazy person.

8:35am: Entire contents of cart have been tried on (that takes a heck of a lot of time when you are only doing 6 pieces at a time), modeled extensively, and had their fate decided.

8:45am: Damage to bank account complete. I’m on the way back home. Side note: there is now one other person looking at the collection. She is my size. I feel like I need to go up and apologize for buying every single garment in my size (there was only one of that size stocked).

A month later whatever was left of the collection was on clearance. I personally think that this was the most underappreciated collection that has ever graced the Target Designer racks. You don’t even have to know who Peter Pilotto is (see aforementioned Target Employee) to appreciate how well everything goes together. In honor, I did a little fashion show playing around with some of the many combinations you can create with these pieces.


I have a new ‘dress over skirt’ obsession. See above and below picture.


Those sunglasses!!! Genius.


Are you ready for this….that top, is a crop top RASHGUARD. ***swoon***


I wore this skirt and the long sleeve rashguard with my bathing suit under it to lunch with the inlaws and then straight to the beach. Functionality reigns.


Jacques is so en vouge with his black and white.


There’s prim and proper, and then there’s this whole casual look to the collection. These woven super low-rise pants are incredible.


fav8 (2)

Backless rashguard, tank top, skirt.


Skin show

fav8  fav7

The ultimate casual look.




Knit dress, tank top, button down woven dress (tied up at waist in first picture)

And that is just the beginning. If you missed out on this collection, then you really really missed out. There are still some items available (for clearance!) on the Target’s website. Just know that not all things shown are still available in all sizes. I think the best part of the collection was how easy it lends to mixing and matching. I actually ended up buying more separates than dresses because you can do so much incredible styling to create different looks, including ones that look just like dresses.

Thank you Peter for doing this service to humanity.



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