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Ask Bucky: How to Pack for the Weekend

April 25, 2014

Okay, I’m not going to lie…no one asked for my opinion on how to pack- you’re just going to get it anyways. Maybe this is my anal retentive perfectionist side, but I love packing. The more challenging the situation (ex: three weeks abroad- carry on only) the more fun it is for me. Maybe that’s a little on the sick side, but whatever.

Today we are going to start with the (in my opinion) easiest of trips: the weekend getaway. The weekend away, more or less, entails leaving on a Friday and returning on a Sunday. It’s the easiest because a) it’s not a lot of time b) usually nothing too formal is happening and c) if you forget something, the world doesn’t completely end.

No matter where I go or for how long, I always travel with the same bag (shown below). It’s a small brown faux crocodile duffle that I bought at Belks a million years ago. It’s the perfect size for overhead storage on a plane (even before baggage fees, I avoid checking bags at all costs) and I really believe that if it doesn’t fit in my bag, then I don’t need it. (Side note- this is the same bag I took for my weeklong wedding in France…and yes…my dress did fit in there!)

Here’s some basic prepacking steps:

1) Determine where you are going, how long you’ll be there, weather, activities you’ll partake in, etc. Having a clear sense of what you’ll need (ie: something nice) will help guide you.

2) Choose one: black or navy. It just makes things easier, I promise. If you choose navy, pack tan accessories. If you choose black, pack black accessories.

3) Pick a suitcase (this is your goal. try to put everything in here).


So here’s my weekend low down:

Visiting: Dallas

Number of Days: Fri- Sun

Activities requiring special clothing: Birthday dinner out, Edgefest outdoor concert

Essentially, I know I have to look like a nice respectable adult at dinner one night and like a wild teenager (or something to that effect) the next day.

Here’s the breakdown:




From left to right clockwise: Tote, clutch, suitcase

The nice thing about packing easy to wash, cotton clothing is that you can always throw it in the hotel sink with a little soap and water if something gets gross. I purposefully flew in (not out)wearing my festival shorts, in case they get muddy or whatnot at the concert.

Now, tips for the actual packing:

1) Set aside your first day travel clothes.

2) Put shoes in the luggage first. Fill shoes with your two lingerie bags (for women- bras and panties).

3) Roll everything else and place it in the bag.

4) Make sure all hair supplies and makeup goodies are in their own bags. You don’t want anything to explode. Plus, they’re a lot easier to find once you get to your destination (or if you have to do a little makeup touch up on the way).

5) If your bag has outside pockets, put things like cell phone charges and deodorant in them. You may need easy access to these if you are flying any sort of a distance.

6) Use a decent size tote and out a clutch- acting as a wallet of sorts (usually matching) inside it. Once I get to destination the clutch (which has a removable strap making it a cross body bag) will then go with me on my date night out (as a clutch) and to the concert (as a cross body bag). During the trip, my tote holds my kindle, knitting, water bottle, and food…basically everything you’ll need to survive any airport.


As I said before, this is a pretty easy one to pack for. Just wait until August, when I will show you how to pack for 10 days in Italy with the same duffle!

To see how my outfits end up looking, follow me on Instagram: @friedmanleslie



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