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Dallas Weekend of Winners

April 29, 2014

Happy Tuesday! I’m back from Dallas and I have some winners. Thanks to all of you who liked, retweeted, and favorited my instagrams for a chance to win the Buchanan pieces I toted along with me for the weekend. I will announce the winners as I make you (probably painfully) read through my weekend adventure. (Insert evil laugh)

Last Friday was Andrew’s birthday…so in lieu of clothes he would wear twice or technology that would be really cool for about 6 months, we decided to ball out in Dallas for the weekend. Please see exhibit A: (this is the part we drink a lot on our layover in Detroit)006

In case you’re wondering how all the outfits I packed turned out, here’s the beginning. It was 46 degrees when we left Iowa and 78 when we arrived in Dallas, so the tuxedo jacket was a must. Also- the visor is the new flower headband….take note.


Wearing: awesome visor (duh), tuxedo jacket {j.crew}, tavi tee {buchanan}, ollie short {buchanan}, tassel belt {target}, scarf {buchanan}

We stayed at NYLO on the South Side. It was a super industrial meets artsy kind of place (aka: awesome). Here I am in the lobby:

009 TaviPinF 

Belted, left loose, however you wear it the Tavi looks great. Congrats to April P. who is the winner of the Tavi Tee!!!

We flew into Dallas early Friday morning so that we could spend some quality time here: the rooftop pool. 010

We made dinner reservations at 9pm so we could hang out at the pool until sunset. The nice couple also taking a picture are our new friends from Scotland.

There are no pictures from our fabulous dinner because our phones died, or we drank too much at the pool, or I don’t really know. At any rate, I picked it back up at breakfast…where I enjoyed some incredible bananas foster french toast pre pool.

012 EllaNavyF

My Elle top transitioned perfectly from breakfast to the pool. Congrats on winning the fabulous Elle Crop Top….Biehle88!! Woohoo!


Can’t get enough sunshine.

Whenever we travel, our dining choices are, more or less, in the hands of HappyCow. As a vegan, it’s the easiest way to find food…and it led us to the Anvil Pub for lunch. The Anvil Pub was just slightly left of true hipster land and in an area I would describe as, ‘a nice place to get a tattoo during the day and a gunshot wound at night’. And even though we had about 24-58 less tattoos than anyone else in the place, man was it good. First of all, the serve brunch. And they serve it skewered on top of your drink (bloody mary or mimosa, of course).

026 030

Andrew got Option 1 and it was huge. It also can with a half pint of PBR…just in case there wasn’t enough alcohol.

And then there’s the main reason we came to Dallas: EdgeFest. I  had never heard of EdgeFest, but the line up of Alt Rock bands (Grouplove, The Neighbourhood, Chrvches, Cage the Elephant, etc) sparked our interest, while the Avett Brothers sealed the deal. It was held in a soccer stadium north of town in Frisco. The minute one band finished, the next started on the opposite stage.

035 036

I don’t have a lot of EdgeFest photos because we are really irresponsible people and let our phones die. It felt very 1995 trying to get back to the hotel in a city we’d never been in before with no GPS. Regardless, it actually took longer to get to the concert than going home.

037 OllieChamF

My Ollie Shorts were so perfect for this trip. Congrats to Lisa O. who just won a pair of her own!!!

I’m so bad taking pictures of the hotel room. I never remember until I’m about to leave…thank goodness for room service!


I think we got about 7 hours of sleep total during the trip, but this king sized memory foam bed made every hour count (left). How cool are these stained concrete floors??? (right)

040 041

The bathroom is behind this very cool, modern sliding door (left). All the duct work was exposed, true loft style (right).

Going back to 46 degree weather (mwha-wha) on Sunday meant covered legs and the reemergence of my tuxedo jacket (wrapped and  belted of course).

046 LucyPinF

I got so many compliments on my skousers (“are they pants, are they a skirt?? I can’t stop starring”) and now Lindsey B. will too!!!

And then I slept 24 hours straight. The End.

A huge thanks to everyone who played along with me this weekend!! Love you all!




Ps. you know you’re getting old when the sun goes down at a festival and your first thought is, ‘I hope these girls wearing next to nothing have a cardigan somewhere’.

P.p.s. If you’re disappointed that you didn’t win,  have no fear! If any of the winners forfeit their prize, I have two backup winners for every piece! For all the Buchanan looks check out my website or click the shop button on the right. 🙂

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