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How to wear a crop top AND look like a lady

May 6, 2014

Yeah that’s right. I used crop top and lady in the same sentence without any negatives. You may not believe it. Then again, you may also not believe that I wore a crop top to church last Sunday and more than one lady over the age of 80 complimented me on my ensemble. It can happen to you too- just follow these three simple rules.

Rule 1:

Thou shalt choose wisely. Look at the two shirts below. Do you see a difference?

For Love & Lemons Buenas Noches Crop TopFree People Olivia Crop Top

Left: For Love and Lemons Crop Top, Right: Free People Olivia Crop Top

The safest bet is to choose a top that’s monochromatic and has a decent amount of coverage. The top on the left is going to be much easier to make ladylike than the one on the right because it looks more refined. Think modest- colors and cut.

Rule 2:

Thou shalt layer. Just because a top is abbreviated, doesn’t mean that you have to  bare all. In my aforementioned church situation, I wore a very similar top to the black on above and I put it over a black shift dress. Just remember- boxier tops are going to be easier to layer than fitted ones. See the inspo below (from Pinterest of course):

Layered Crop top inspiration.

Picture from: Damsel in Dior blogLayered crop top look - perfect for work style

Picture from: Intermix blog

January 22, 2014.  Crop top and layering; perfect combo

Picture of Zoe Saldana from: Bazaar

Now, I’m not trying to say that you need to layer with a button down, but it does add a whole new level of refinement to the look. (It also doesn’t hurt that tailored button downs are the hot item right now)

Rule 3:

Thou shalt show skin wisely. Maybe you aren’t down with the whole layering thing. Maybe it’s just too hot for that action. If you decide to bare some midriff, try to not show more than three inches and keep your belly button hidden. High waisted skirts and pants are your friends in this game. See below (more Pinterest action):

cropped tees and tops

Unfortunately this image had a bad link on Pinterest. Sad smile

Choose a Crop Top  Take a cue from Zoe Saldana and wear a crop top with a high-waisted skirt. The cute, classy outfit is ideal for an afternoon party. #Celebrity #Outfit #Idea

Zoe Saldana rocking it again in this pic from Glamour

Cute Little Crop Tops

Unfortunately, this is a bad link too. If you know these sources- let me know in the comments so I can give credit where credit is due!

So, let’s recap what we’ve learned here: 1) Crop tops can look awesome without even showing any skin and 2) Crop tops can be worn by all ages and all sizes (when following the rules above, of course).

If you haven’t already made the plunge into crop top ownership (no doubt, because of an intense fear of looking like Miley gone bad) try one of these designs out:

3x1 Coated Crop TopApiece Apart Luz Cropped Pleat Blouse

Left: 3×1 crop top, Right: Apiece Apart

Derek Lam Short Sleeve TopJOA Printed Top

Left: Derek Lam, Right: JOA (if you’re going to go pattern- matching looks more sophisticated)

J.W. Anderson Butterfly TopRobert Rodriguez Draped Belt Top

Left: J.W.Anderson, Right: Robert Rodriguez

Happy Cropping!

Side note: Please remember that this is a post about how to wear crop tops in a certain way to present a certain image about yourself (hopefully that would be- ladylike). I’m not saying that this is the ONLY way to wear a crop top. Smile

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