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Let’s Go Bake A Cake

June 9, 2014

Forward: This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I actually wrote this post over a month (or two) ago and just forgot about it. Luckily, cake is never outdated. Smile


It’s Springtime which, at least in my family, means cake time. My husband’s birthday is Friday, my birthday is in a month, and both of our children’s (you know- the cat and the chinchilla) birthdays fall in between those two dates. Now, that’s a lot of cakes. (Side note- even though Pierre and Jacques can’t really eat cake, it gives us a good excuse to engorge again).

For Andrew’s birthday (which we celebrated last weekend) I made an ice cream cake, which is something I have never tried.

phone42314 202

See that middle layer?? That’s ice cream. Homemade Rum Chata ice cream. 

The cake also happened to be shaped like a banjo:

phone42314 203

My inspiration (left). The edible remake (right)

phone42314 178

Putting the ice cream in the cheesecake pan.

phone42314 188

Assembly. The ice cream stuck a little bit, but overall, it came out pretty good.

phone42314 189

Like one huge ice cream sandwich. I really should have filled in some of the gaps with icing in order to get that slant under control.

phone42314 192

The only downside of vegan icing is that it doesn’t have the same thick texture. Oh well, I’m going to cover this up in decorations, so you will never see the slant.

phone42314 191

Banjofying this cake. I made a stencil and used metallic silver cake spray to create the edges. Instead of writing gold tone on the armrest, I wrote Andrew’s name. The neck of the banjo is made from cardstock and was attached via skewers into the cake.

  phone42314 196

Tada! It’s hard to see, but there are actually 5 candles on this cake on each string. He’s not really turning 5, but it just looked good that way.

The actual cake part is red velvet from this recipe by the Hungry Dudes.  For the ice cream- I made a double batch of rum chata ice cream and put it in a cheesecake pan and then in the freezer. I also froze the cooled cake to make sure everything was nice and firm. The next day I assembled the cake and did the decorating. The ice cream was super easy to take out of the cheesecake pan and fit perfectly as the middle layer. So much sugar…but so good.

The next cake I made (one day later) was for an Easter party that was being held in my building. I’m not going to lie, this was sort of a peace offering/vengeance cake. We have a couple of neighbors that are just old and crumudgeny and they don’t like that we have a cat (that they never see, hear, smell, etc.). In fact, one of them likes to rub (her 80 year old self) all up over my husband and then fuss at him because ‘she is having severe allergic reactions to our cat’. She lives two floors down and we don’t share an HVAC unit…so…maybe you should just stop touching my husband?

At any rate, I’m trying to appease these people with food, but also maybe help incur minor heart attacks because of the sugar content. And I just kind of wanted to make this cake. It was on the cover of the April (I think?) Southern Living.

phone42314 218

phone42314 212 phone42314 214  phone42314 215 phone42314 216

phone42314 246 

In case you’re wondering…that’s homemade strawberry jam in the layers.

OMG. So good. I highly recommend for anyone who wants a stunning cake. Although, please don’t judge the picture directly above. This was just me trying to get a good shot before it was completely eaten.

Needless to say, I’m not sure if we can go the cake direction again for my birthday (or the boys). I don’t handle sugar very well and I have very little self control when it comes to indulging in cake. When you put those two together, you end up on the couch saying things like, “I think I’m going to die”, “Sugar is the enemy”, and “I’m never eating cake again”. (For the record- I’ve only said ‘I’m never eating cake again’,like, three times in the past week.)

xoxo and happy caking,


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  1. June 10, 2014 12:48 am

    Love them both!! And that strawberry one, mmmmmmmmm!!! And my mantra is “eat cake for breakfast”. Why not?! Lol!!!

    I’m going to have to make ice cream cake again with my homemade ice cream. Why is homemade so so so much better?! (And it’s even better after it sits in the freezer for about a week!)

    ❤ Jules

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