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Let’s Make Like Congress (or the Europeans) and Take a Break

July 31, 2014

Happy August 1st! Instead of working this month, my company and I are following Congress and taking the month off. (Although unlike Congress, we’ve actually been doing something the other 7 months of this year except argue professionally). I’ll be bopping around from Coastal Georgia, to the Outer Banks, and then Italy over the course of the next 31 days.

Travel Lesson - sounds so easy but difficult for so many. Get out there. Even if it's just a little at a time #travel #quote

I’ll try my best to keep posting (you know, in between margaritas) here. I’ll probably be doing a lot of Pinterest (one and two) and Instagram action too. So…won’t you follow along?

For real! It just doesn't work like that! For those battling with this conundrum.... Be brave, Be bold, Take steps everyday - even if they seem tiny! & you will set yourself Free! I promise!!!!

Wait, so what will happen if someone orders something off the Buchanan website? So glad you asked. Nothing will happen until about August 16th or 17th and that person’s order will ship then. Please note that: Phones will not be answered. Emails have a 50/50 chance of response. Order away…just realize that you will have a delay in shipping time. I will, of course, answer all customer service issues to the best of my ability when I return.


Welcome to our new travel board! We'll be featuring travelers here who will be updating their travels in real time. So if you have a question or comment be sure to let them know. :)



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