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And We’re Back…

September 18, 2014

..Or more correctly put, I’m back. And now I remember why exactly I took a month off in the first place. Fall is going to be crazy. Crazy in a good way, of course, but also in a ‘I may need a month off before in order to deal with this’ sort of way. Since I’ve returned to the States I have successfully done the following: commit to orchestrating a local fashion show (a week after my personal Fall collection show), make an entire Fall collection, design a dog shirt (harder than it sounds), design a whole line of dresses for a trunk show (which will take place between aforementioned fashion shows), seek out and accept a leadership position at my church, bought a new computer, design a print for a charity silk scarf, catch up on all the fashion shows going on now, and FREAK OUT. I think it’s time for a hot bubble bath and maybe another week or two in Italy.

Although having a lot on my plate freaks me out at times, it is all 100% what I want to be doing. There’s nothing worse than having to a do a lot of stuff you don’t actually want to do at all. I’m always up for something new and different and this Fall, I’m excited to announce two new components of the Buchanan label in the next month (so stay tuned in). There’s lot of fun stuff heading your way including more blog posts (specifically fashion related ones), so cheers to that! Until then, have an excellent Thursday and enjoy these awesome pictures of the Umbrian countryside.

Olive Groves

Franco’s Farm

Our house

Narni…aka: Narnia (yes, it really does exist)

vineyards outside of Amelia

Your legs will love (and by love I mean hate) you for this.

Champagne in Rome overlooking the Vatican City.

**All pictures are property of my little sista, so respect a sister (literally) and ask before you use***



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