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5 Things You Could Put Above Your Fireplace Other Than Pictures, TV’s, or Mirrors.

September 30, 2014

Fireplaces are wonderful things. They provide heat. They provide a nifty alternative to shredding all those files you shouldn’t just throw away. The produce ambience. And maybe most importantly, they make it much easier to identify the focal point in the room (thus leading to a better furniture layout and generally more aesthetically pleasing interior design).

Rarely do you walk in a house and see a bare mantel. It’s as if, we as people, are drawn to put something above the fireplace. The most common things to earn the coveted space above the mantel? Paintings, TV’s, and mirrors as shown below in exhibit A.

Exhibit A:

Traditional Living Room by Los Altos Interior Designers & Decorators Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA


Traditional Living Room by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Brian Watford ID

Now, while these are all lovely homes and all…it doesn’t hurt to talk alternatives. Here are five other things that can look just as awesome perched on your mantel:

1) The Clock

2) The Art Statement

3) Animals (once living or not)

4) Words (new and old)

5) And, of course, the somewhat random but well placed artifact

Fall Mantle

Did they mean to write hearth? This, folks, is why you spell check before you offer things up to the Pinterest gods.

12 {more!} Fabulous Fall Mantles - love the draping of the banners

Autumn Bunting

Side Note: If you don’t naturally have that creative je ne sais quoi (or the pocketbook to afford someone who does) I would steer clear of the random artifact approach. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, your mantel may turn into a misplaced garage sale. This approach is also more conducive to those people who feel the need to change the decor in their house more often than not (cue: the bank manager who breaks down once a  month…”Must. Do. Something. Creative. or will die.”) If you are one of those people…spoiler alert: THE season has already started. It’s time to get to work and pick your priorities (Thanksgiving theme or just a fall theme? Halloween theme? SO MANY CHOICES and only one mantel).

Happy Decorating!



ps. All pictures except the last three are from Last three are from Pinterest (connecting links are under pics).

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