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Where the Boots Meet the Fur

October 27, 2014

I am a self-proclaimed hater of the cold. And by cold- I mean anything south of 60 degrees. I have one of those pathetic bodies that just can’t handle it. Ironically, I’ve lived (and still do live) in some cold, cold places. I’ve managed to survive with the help of long underwear, boots, and fur.

Thankfully, boots are always chic additions in the fall/winter. I’m also very happy to see tons of fur walking down the runway lately…especially fur vests!

This is a great outfit for those days that are just chilly, but not cold enough to wear a huge coat. The fur vest is super warm (and it has pockets!!!) while these vintage suede boots can actually come all the way up and over my knees if I wanted them to.


Textures can speak louder than colors. There are only four colors in this outfit (black, white, grey, and blue) but the textures and patterns create an instant statement.


  There’s nothing more fun than an unexpected lining. Snatch this one of a kind fur vest up here for $150.

More fur vests I’m flipping out about right now:

Joie Andrina Vest

Love the simplicity and the stripes. Vest here for $328.

French Connection Winter Rhonda Faux Leather Vest

It doesn’t get more BAMF than leather and fur. Vest here for $198


This looks like a Marni piece to me…except for much less money! Tri color vest here for $158

Can’t get enough fur? Read all about fur and the other top trends of winter 2014 from Elle here.

May you stay warm and prosper!

xoxo, Bucky

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