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Top 5 Scariest Things in Fashion

November 3, 2014

Normally I would consider November 3rd a bit too late to do a Halloween post, but since midterm elections are tomorrow (read: also very scary) I figured I could get away with it. In honor of the late holiday, I’ve compiled a list of my current fashion nightmares.


Top 5 Scariest Things in Fashion

5) Socks with sandals.

This one illicits more feelings of compassion than disgust…I mean…did they not have anyone tell them this isn’t okay? When I see socks with sandals all I can think is, “it’s too bad that they don’t have a mother”.

4) Inappropriate clothes in the workplace.

When you walk into the lawyer’s office and he looks like this: (and you’re like, uh…wtf? Did you lose your suit and/or your dignity?)

3) Too tight clothing.

Trying to look sexy has never looked so bad.

2) Sweatpants in public.

Did you just get finished with a sporting event, or are you a lazy person with no regard to how you look? Same goes for pajama pants in public.

1) VPL

Bad Underwear

…yes…I literally have nightmares about Visible Panty Lines. There is almost nothing worse.

Trends and style change, but I’m pretty sure that they fashion faux pas will always be on the No No list. The good thing is, unlike haunted houses and scary politicians which will be around forever, we can help eliminate these scary fashion moments once and for all with a little education (and looking in the mirror before you leave the house)!

Happy Halloween! And if you’re in the US…don’t forget to vote tomorrow!!

xoxo, Bucky

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