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The best way to curb a chocolate craving…

November 21, 2014

…is to give in to it. The key here is HOW you give in. Do you loose all will power and eat half a chocolate cake, or 3 candy bars in a row, or half a plate of brownies? It’s easy to say, when you aren’t faced with the temptation head on, “I’ll only eat one”.

Now, I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but I did get a chocolate craving the other day. I didn’t have anything chocolate on hand, so I contemplated my options (go to the store? buy a candy bar? make a whole batch of cupcakes?) In the end every option seemed to labor intensive and too processed (If I want just a little chocolate, why do I have to eat a chocolate bar chocked full of other unhealthy things?) I started experimenting and I ran across the most delicious and wonderful solution ever: chocolate pudding.


I’m not talking about that ‘100 calorie’ not-that-healthy pudding that is made from who knows what that comes prepackaged at the store. I’m talking homemade, took me five minutes and is fresh and delicious pudding. The best part? There’s only two ingredients and you can pronounce them both: banana and chocolate.

Here’s what I did:

 20140707_202209 20140707_202213

I had these puppies just sitting around waiting for their ultimate demise in banana bread. The more brown a banana is, the more sugar it has in it (you’re sweet tooth will thank you), plus it’s easier to blend than a green banana.


This is a complicated step, so hang with me. Banana + Baking Cocoa (I used fair trade organic cocoa) + blender = pudding. That’s it…and it’s delicious. Please note- there is a spoon in the blender only because I was sampling the finished product. I wouldn’t recommend leaving spoons in blenders during the blending process.


I added some garnish for beautifulness. Really, this was more than enough for me. One banana would have done just fine.

If you’re a calorie counter: 1 banana is around 100 calories and the chocolate is about 20 calories per tablespoon. I think I used a couple tablespoons. If you’re using this as a snack in the middle of the day to hold you over until a meal, I recommend adding some peanut butter…that way you’ve basically made Reese’s pudding and you’ve added some protein to keep you full longer (read: win-win).

Hope you enjoy and Happy Blending!


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