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DIY: Holiday decorating with chalkboard mini vases

November 25, 2014

During my month of August off, I not only slept a ridiculous amount at various beaches, but I also did crafts with my mom! These crafts, were a bit different than the craft days we had at our house every Thursday growing up, because everyone got to drink this go around. My mom had seen an idea somewhere (I blame Pinterest, although she swears that she doesn’t go on Pinterest because she knows she’ll be sucked in immediately) to take a full size wine bottle and paint it with chalkboard paint. The original crafter was using the bottle as a vase for water or tea.

We actually tried it with a full size wine bottle and some mini bottles. My full size bottle reads H20 and sits in my living room as a reminder to feed my always thirsty house plants. The smaller bottles, I’ve had lots of fun putting to use in various ways. They make perfect vases for a couple flowers (I like to write I ❤ U! on one and put it in my husband’s bathroom). I always love to have fresh flowers in the house and these little vases are perfect for when you still have a couple good blooms, but everything else is past its time. For Halloween, I filled with black flowers and inscribed the fronts with words like: boo! Now the holiday season is approaching and I’ve long since erased all the boos! and have started repurposing my little vases for a whole new season.

Check out how I decorated with them after this little tutorial:

DIY vase

Here’s a little step by step on how to make this cuties:

Step 1:  Buy wine. Choose clear bottles as opposed to dark colored bottles. Drink wine. Put empty bottles in hot water and take off the labels.

Step 2: Mark off the area you want to paint with masking tape. I made mine a bit uneven because I like the unrefined look (and I may have just drank four [mini] bottles of wine).

Step 3: Spray paint area. You may need to do a couple layers. Wait until it dries completely before you take the tape off. If there is any paint outside the area, just use a cotton ball or cotton swab doused in nail polish remover to erase any extra paint.

Step 4: Now put them to good use! This Christmas, my bottles are holding up my stockings:


We don’t usually fill the stockings until Christmas Eve, so I am not concerned that the mini vase (filled with water for more weight) can’t hold much more than the stocking itself. I have one for each member of the family.


I left the gold caps and gold safety seal. It feels like a warm, cozy contrast to the snow collecting outside.


These mini vases are also great place holders at family meals. They’d be beautiful with fresh amaryllis blooms in them.


If you have a lot of guests, you could also just fill the glasses with a second serving of water, etc. This is great if you don’t have tons of room on your table for a lot of water pitcher action. If I did this, I would probably use a piece of twine and tie a pretty label around the neck that said ‘water’.


If you’re looking for a good party favor, you can have guests take home their vases and blooms. Once again, I would tie some twine around the neck and attach a pretty label with something cheeky/sappy like, “a bloom for you”, or “thankful for the color you add to our lives”…

Clearly, there are lots of uses for this little puppies. Get creative this holiday season and experiment for yourself!

I’d like to know: comment below and tell me how you’d decorate with these pretty little vases!



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