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Makeover Ideas for the 3 Most Common Problem Closets

December 9, 2014

Closets aren’t always an easy thing. They come in weird shapes, tiny forms, and sometimes they aren’t there at all. I’ve identified the three most common types of problem closets and some creative ways to revamp them. Enjoy!

Closet Problem 1: The Long Skinny Closet

You’ve seen this one. It’s awkward, long, about a foot deep and pretty much horrible if you want to look at everything you have at one time. But…it’s cheap to put in and space saving, which means there are at least two in almost every house in America.

How Someone Dealt With the Long, Skinny:

Small+Closet+Organization+Ideas | What better way to spend a weekend than organizing and building a ...

This person attached actual doors. Imagine that, seeing all your clothes at once!

Dress up those boring closet doors.

This person kept the doors, and just brought them into this decade.

5-8' Closet Shelving Kit w/Laminate Tower | Closet Organization | Rubbermaid

If your closet is this well colored, you might think about taking the doors off. Painting the closet inside the same as the rest of the room will make your room seem bigger. Believe it or not, this closet is from Rubbermaid.

Closet Problem 2: The Standard Small

You have, what I call, a standard small closet if it looks more like a coat closet than a main closet. If you need to put actual adult clothing in here, don’t freak out! Check out the inspo below:

small closet organization

Oprah gives her two cents on closet organizing.

I would have never thought to do this with a small closet!  It provides so much more storage space in that tiny amount of room!! BRILLIANT!

Get the most out of that awkward corner. If you don’t position things correctly, the awkward corner can eat clothes (and never give them back).  Photo from Houzz.

I need to do this! This is how you make a small closet work! She glued photos of her shoes on the outside of their boxes (50 pairs), mounted a jewelry organizer and tie rack on the doors and she installed a rod/hooks at the top to hang her boots from!

Don’t neglect the back of the doors! Here’s another Oprah tip at work.

Closet Problem 3: You Have No Closet

Your awesome, studio apartment of your dreams features (dun dun dun)…NO CLOSET! Yay! Luckily there are some creative people out there that can help you out.

no closet solution

This is so pretty you may never want a closet again. Thanks ApartmentTherapy!

Add Ikea wardrobes on either side of bed.  After painting the header and re-hanging the curtains, the eight inch plank of wood makes a major difference. And the crown molding is the icing on the cake. Here’s a detail shot so you can get up close and personal with our new master bedroom built-in.

Not into the idea of exposing all of your clothes? This design uses two Ikea wardrobes and curtains to create makeshift closets. Bonus: Your room now feels extra cozy. Find out step by step how to achieve this look here.

No Closet? No Worries; 4 Options for Faking It / Live Simply by Annie

Employ a free standing wardrobe. Annie gives three more options for closet less rooms here.

Do you see a common theme here? It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant (or just plain absent) your closet may seem to be…there’s potential!

Here’s some tips that all the closets above have employed:

1) Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!! Get rid of anything you don’t wear, doesn’t fit you, or is in poor condition.

2) Consistency. Make your closet blend in with the rest of the room (many people do this by matching paint colors). Then, make everything in your closet blend together. Use the same hanger type, the same rack types, etc. Just changing out the hangers to matching ones will leave even the most cluttered closet looking more organized. Don’t forget to coordinate all baskets too if you have any of those.

3) Change up the clothing rods. Just because you bought the house a certain way, doesn’t mean you need to keep it like that (read: one long rod). Use a closet organizer to diversify the storage options available. Tailor the rods/drawers/shelves to meet your needs.

Remember, don’t give up on your closet because it ‘just isn’t working’. Chances are, you have a very common closet type that other people struggle with too. Just put a little creativity into it and start making your closet work for you!

Happy Organizing!


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