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Embracing The Top 3 Hair Trends of Spring

December 17, 2014

You’ve probably noticed, but I don’t usually post about hair or beauty. Food? yes. Fashion? Definitely! Hair and beauty? Ehh. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the attention span (or, more likely, the interest) to read articles about hair and beauty, let alone write them. At the ripe age of almost 30, I still don’t brush my hair on the regs, and I just recently realized that the eyebrow pencil I have been using the last week is actually black and not brown (whoops). With that said, I’m totally all over the new hair trends for Spring.

Trend #1: The Middle Part

Photo: Balenciaga Spring 2015. For the past few months my hair has naturally been rebelling against its side part status I’ve inflicted on it…so apparently my hair is more on trend than my mind.

Photo: Dior Spring 2015. For my Spring Fashion show I had all the model’s hair parted down the middle. When I told the hairstylists what I wanted, one of them goes “You don’t want that. No one looks good with hair parted down the middle”. You can only guess her response when I said, “It’s not about beauty, it’s about fashion…it’s about a look”. (hint: lots of eyerolling)

Trend #2: The In-between Length

Photo: Ace & Jig Spring 2015. It’s not short and it’s not long….it’s the in between length. Short hair is out the window and looks are starting at this length and (Probably thanks to Ms. Middleton) going longer.

Photo: Kate Spade Spring 2015. Who knows if her hair is actually a true mid length…but thanks to shorter layers in the front, it sure looks like one. I even had a dream last night that I cut my own hair to my shoulders…during a high school reunion no less. Physiatrists feel free to have a hey day with that one.

Trend #3: Looking Slightly Unkempt

Photo: Paule Ka Spring 2015. “Mousy brown” has never looked more fashionable.

Photo: Burberry Spring 2015. I wish this had been on trend when I was growing up, because this is pretty much how I woke up every day (minus anything glamorous).

Maybe I love these looks because they seem quintessentially French to me. More likely, it’s because I can achieve this tousled look by just getting out of bed in the morning. Anything that allows me to look slightly homeless is an instant win in my book. At any rate, expect pictures in the next blog post. ;0



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