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Where Boyfriend Jeans Meet Buffalo Check

January 6, 2015


Welcome to my studio. Okay, a very small wall of my studio where stuffed rabbits live on the floor and my mannequin abides. I thought Sally (the mannequin, duh) needed to make an appearance, even though she’s only half dressed and a bit wrinkly. I’m in the process of up cycling a man’s suit and adding it to this dress…should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully, it turns out as awesome as the Buffalo Check Tunic I made right before Christmas. I love this tunic so much…it was really painful putting it for sale online (but, it is kind of my job). Sally and I spent the snow day inside playing dress up with the tunic and some other goodies. Come along, and enjoy my fresh new middle part and homeless hair that I raved about back here.


The cat (who can’t stand to be absent from a photo shoot), Sally, and I are bff’s to the max. Boyfriend jeans [Level 99], Shoes [Century 21], Tunic [Buchanan] Btw- this tunic is a one of a kind piece, once it’s sold…it’s gone. No other like it exists. 🙂


If boyfriend jeans and plaid are the ultimate dress down, and heels and fur are the ultimate dress up….I think the perfect combination is made. Jacket [Piperlime].


In case you were wondering what a ‘Bring it on snow…my wool plaid and fur coat can beat up you and your brother’ attitude looks like.

  2 3

What can be a better match with plaid than more plaid?? This is literally so comfortable, that I took these photos and I’m still wearing this outfit as we speak I write, you read. Other paid shirt [Ralph Lauren for Men…it’s my husbands].


Pockets are about the best thing ever. These pockets actually show a little bit from underneath the tunic…which is why they are covered in sequins. [cue: fabulous music]

There are literally so many things I can do with this tunic…it’s overwhelming. I didn’t even go into the black pant genre, or black boots, or chambray….    I also took some pictures for a whole new outfit next week…let’s just say that sequins and flowers are involved [read: pretty epic]. Stay tuned and stay warm.

xoxox, Bucky

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