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Layering with Flower Power

January 20, 2015

Maybe you’ve noticed, but the 60’s is having a major moment in fashion right now. From the minute I laid eyes on this simple flower print fabric, I knew what I would do with it. It just screamed to be made into something short, slim, and very mod. It’s technically a tunic…which is just a fancy way of saying that you can wear it however you want. Cue: pants, skirts, workshirts, and layers of sequins.


Return of the (not yet finished) upcycled dress still on the mannequin and the rabbit still on the floor like last time. Shirt [men’s J.crew], Tunic [Buchanan], Boots [Piperlime eons ago. These would look cool too.]


Chambray is always a good decision. You literally CAN NOT go wrong with it right now.


Ever worn a tunic with a suit? I didn’t think so, but it works surprisingly well. Suit [Target]


The mini dress (I mean tunic) passes the work dress code, and I’m in love (with the look and my mannequin).


What goes with everything? Yeah that’s right…sequins. Now that’s something I can slow dance to. Side note: I’m really good at slow dancing…obviously. Skirt [Target]


This tunic is a super lightweight crepe, so that’s why it is easy to fold, tuck, and layer with. If you want to try this look and get a layering tunic, opt for something that won’t wrinkle easily and is made from lightweight fabric. You want to have an effortless look rather than a ‘I put on too many clothes this morning’ look. This is also a great way to wear your dresses if they somehow became 7 inches shorter the minute you took them home.

Bring on the tunics!! More deets about this tunic here.

xoxo, Bucky

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