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The Best Wallpapers for Every Style

February 10, 2015

I don’t know why wallpaper is so alluring to me, but I just can’t get enough. I’m not going to lie…I have no personal wallpaper pictures to show. Not only do I rent, but I have super tall ceilings and, quite honestly, wallpapering 17 feet (or whatever) is a little more than I want to do knowing that in a year or two I’ll have to take it down (I’d be using temporary wallpaper).

Now that we’ve established my hypocrisy, let’s move on. If you follow me on pinterest and happen to be roving around the pinterestsphere at 6 am this morning, I apologize. I was on a major wallpaper pinning spree and I probably flooded your pin feed without making any room for funny anecdotes, inspirational quotes, and fluffy kittens. My bad. If you missed that, you can check out some of my pins, which are on my ‘home sweet home’ board. All the pictures below can be found on that board, and thus, I have not provided direct links.

There are so many great wallpapers out there and such a wide variety. No matter what your taste is, there is a wallpaper for you. (And if you can’t find one, there are lots of sites that allow you to make your own). I’ve separated them into three categories: modern, traditional, kitsch.


These are your contemporary wallpapers that somehow manage to work beautifully with your west elm filled house.

Herringbone Wallpaper | Modern Home (

Grey chevron is like, the. thing. now.

Home : Eleven MODERN Kids' Rooms You'll Super-Love  I love this animal wallpaper by Minakani Walls

This baby is so hip.

THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING. Circus wallpaper from geometric collection by Cole & Son

This is great when you’re having dreary weather. I envision it in London townhouse.

Emma Hayes — River Wallpaper /Obsessed with this wallpaper

Watercolor is really popular right now. I happen to love the brushstroke look of this wallpaper.


Just because you have more of a traditional style, doesn’t mean you get to miss out on all the fun. These updated patterns and sophisticated textures are particularly elegant.

Wallpaper is having a major comeback this season. Get your inspiration fix on

Not quite a chevron person, but you’re still on the grey boat? These classic stripes are simple yet stately.

Navy Grasscloth Wallpaper; David Scott Interiors

This dark navy blue grass cloth is obsession worthy. Grass cloth adds a nice, subtle texture to the walls when you want something but a print is too much.

decorology: Quiet, beautiful wallpaper,vintage wallpaper,statement wallpaper

Damask, envisioned.

51cb1995d9127e7f180001a3._w.540_s.fit_. Love the texture and subtle colors of this wallpaper

Flora, yes. But this isn’t your momma’s ivy.


This is the new crop of flat out fun wallpaper. I don’t know how you could do anything but smile with these in your house. With that said, they are definitely pretty taste specific (that’s my tactful way of saying, ‘people either really like it or they hate it’).

PiP Kiss the Frog | Wallpaper | PiP Studio ©

Want the feel of a mural in your home, but can’t afford an artist? Cue wallpaper: now bringing us affordable murals.

vintage photo turned into a mural wallpaper

The concept of having a photograph mural as wallpaper could go horribly wrong. Here’s an example of it going in the opposite direction.

purple Scalamandre zebra paper with cobalt and gold mirror via The Zhush: Five Perfect Powder Rooms

Kitschy paper usually shines the best in powder rooms and children’s spaces. Case in point..the cool zebras above.

And, of course, we need to take a moment for my personal favorite: William Morris Wallpaper. If you don’t know who William Morris is, say a rosary (or whatever you do) and read this. To me, his work has the loudness and uniqueness of the kitschy column, but still plays really well with the traditional group. I totally plan on covering every inch of my one day home in William Morris wallpaper. A little too much? Let’s just say it’s very taste specific to me. 🙂

'Seaweed' by John Henry Dearle, produced in 1890s.

I don’t believe this was a William Morris original design, but it has the same feel.

Another incredible William Morris wallpaper. When I become rich, I WILL have a bedroom papered in this. With casement windows. And Abyssinian cats on the bed. And...

Can you believe these were designed in the late 1880’s?

William Morris- someone should make sheets with this pattern.

How much fun would this be in a bedroom?

We have an incredible array of wallpaper to choose from nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t fit your taste. Remember, all wallpaper isn’t meant to live on for decades and decades (think of that horrible border in your grandma’s guest bathroom that needs to go), so if you’re on the edge…just do it. The most you  have to lose is some time and money (which is not nearly as bad, as say, your life).

Happy Tuesday!



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