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Fall 2015 Fashion Week- Pictures of People Being Cold

February 18, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed (or you live in Miami) it’s cold. My phone is reading 1 degree. And that doesn’t even count the wind chill or ‘real feel’. Granted, it is 7am, but something tells me that the temps aren’t going to exactly soar today (that something is specifically a high of 4 degrees in the forecast for today).

As fashion week in New York wraps up, I’ve noticed that I’ve had particular trouble following the shows this time.  It’s been really hard getting amped up for Fall clothes when all I want to do is shed my winter clothes and put on something 80 degree worthy. However, seeing as it is only February and I live on the same latitude of Chicago…I’m not putting away my winter clothes anytime soon.

Speaking of winter clothes, I’ve started to notice a pattern in my clothing choices since I’ve been living above the Mason Dixon line. It breaks down something like this:

  • October- Fall clothes are exciting again. For one month I get to experiment with new Fall fashions and enjoy new trends.
  • November-December- It’s getting colder. Fall clothes are morphing into winter clothes and trends are adjusting (read: I can no longer walk around with my coat over my shoulders…that thing is getting buttoned up).
  • January- (More) knits start working their way into the wardrobe, post holidays.
  • February- Knits have completely taken over. You have resorted to leaving the house in men’s cashmere sweaters and fleece lined leggings just to stay warm. Muumuus of solid chunky knits are worn no matter how ‘fashionable’ they may or may not be. If you live in Boston, you’ve probably resorted to just wearing straight up blankets around (hint: wool plaid blankets look the best).

So, yeah. Clearly you can see what we’ve come to. Maybe that’s why it was so refreshing to see Tommy Ton’s pictures of street styles from this fashion week in New York and see that even the classiest fashionistas resort to whatever when it gets cold. Here are a couple of my favorites (all photo creds go to the awesome Tommy Ton and


If you think this is a joke, it is not. This is my life. See this selfie I took yesterday (pre-finding this pic) for proof. 

The minute I find a fabulous knit fabric, I am making this dress…and not taking it off until May.


Weird sweaters get you through the winter.

How to look chic whilst freezing your derriere off: Exhibit A.


Fur and felt are your friends (because it’s good to through some non knits in there every once in a while).


I should really do a whole post on ‘the eyes of fashion week’…because it’s so freaking cold that all you can see on most of these gals faces. Putting on makeup for cold temps is an art to itself (if you don’t believe me, go outside in the blustering snow with normal makeup on and tell you don’t look like a rabid raccoon within 5 minutes).

So, while the ice caps work on freezing themselves back over and you work on not dying (I’m looking at you New England) have a great hump day and stay warm!!



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  1. February 18, 2015 5:50 pm

    Meanwhile out here in Southern California, it’s 70-80 degrees and we are pulling out summer clothes and sunscreen!!! Sometimes a little winter would be such a treat!!! 😉

    Love the photos. I simply cannot imagine being THAT cold. Oy!!!!

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