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Why don’t we all join: The Reformation?

April 23, 2015

It’s 3am and I’m wide awake. It took me a solid 2 hours lying in bed awake to realize what the culprit of my insomnia was: the can of coke I had at 7pm. Have I ever mentioned that I’m dreadfully affected by caffeine? I mean, it’s truly a drug to me. Coke is my guilty pleasure and I drink about one can a month. Only one can and it has to be real, non-diet, come in a red and silver can kind of Coke. When you indulge this infrequently you take no substitutes.

At any rate, this seems like the perfect time to bring up a company that I love: Reformation. Reformation is a sassy women’s clothing label that makes limited collections with completely sustainable materials and processes. Several months ago I was thinking about my own label and had the idea to focus more on one (or two) of a kind designer fashions made from remnant fabrics (high quality fabric that bigger designers can’t use because there’s not enough of it for a huge collection) and sold at reasonable prices. Lo and behold, I started getting Reformation emails a month after my decision and I freaked out: “OMG- I knew someone else had to be doing this! This concept is too good to be brand new. That is so awesome!”

If you haven’t heard of Reformation, you have to check it out. Because of the limited size collections (there are often only one of each size) there is a new selection all the time. Here are some of my current favs:

So, we whipped up our dream mini skirt and we hope you like it as much as we do. The Abigail Skirt is a suede scallop hem mini skirt with seamed panels and buttons down the front. It sits right at the hip and flares out just enough. The fabric is a surplus suede that we hand-pick and show a lot of love to - because it shouldn't have to end up in the landfill.  Made from surplus suede.

Jumpsuits are great because they're a shirt and pants in one package. Just throw it on and you've got yourself an outfit. Done. The Jiro Jumpsuit is a medium weight woven jumpsuit with a snap V neckline, zip front and pockets. The sleeves and legs are a bit cropped. The fit is loose and comfortable but we included a self belt in case you'd like more of a waist. Chic and easy, and it only took one step.  Made from surplus cotton blend.

We know you're a busy lady with a lot on your plate, so we like to make getting dressed easy for you. Which is why we created the Arly Dress. Just throw it on and you're there. This is a medium weight ribbed stretch jersey mini dress with deep-cut sides and darts at the bust. The fit is loose and comfortable. Maximum hotness, minimal effort.  Made from 88% tencel 12% spandex.

We're not sure how much PTO you have, but you should probably take a vacation and take this dress with you. It's great for out of office activities but really you can wear it anywhere. The Nashville Dress is an off-the-shoulder mini dress with a ruffled stretch neckline (so you can show off your shoulders and still move around). The fit is loose and the fabric is a medium weight textured woven. Made from surplus polyester blend.

Do unto your bridesmaids as you would want done unto you. The Arianna Dress is just a beautiful gown they can feel good in and most importantly, wear again. This is a full length georgette wrap dress with a ruffled plunging neckline, tied waist and a deep V back. The skirt is full so there's a bit of leg room too. Treat your friends right.  Made from surplus rayon blend.

Yowza. Just think of the Gwen Two Piece as a sexy, sophisticated dress that's giving the waist a little time out. This is a medium weight stretch ponte set with a criss cross crop top and a high-waist midi pencil skirt. The fit is close to the body but there's an elastic band at the waist to keep you extra comfortable. Made from surplus tencel spandex blend.


One of the things I admire most about Reformation is their marketing. Somehow I got on an email list (?) and I wouldn’t have even noticed one more email in my inbox if it weren’t for the alarming subject line. Yeah, I think alarming is the correct word. ‘Catchy’ isn’t strong enough. While I don’t remember that first email’s subject, the newest one I received today had “GET ON THE SCALE” as the subject. Talk about get your attention. Other subjects have been “FIANCE RHYMES WITH BEYONCE” and “NICE CURTAINS, GIRL”. Maybe it’s the attention grabbing subject lines or maybe it’s the fact that every email is a beautifully shot new ‘theme’ but I can’t help but click and see what’s happening. As someone who receives a lot of emails a day (with 75% of them being ‘newsletters’ like this) that’s saying a lot.

Do have an opinion on the Reformation? From business practices to design aesthetics there sure is enough to talk about. I personally am inspired and my creative boundaries are pushed. How does Reformation affect you? I want to hear it.



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