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Taking Stock 01

May 18, 2015

The idea of ‘taking stock’ comes from one of my favorite blogs: A Pretty Penny (and she borrowed it from Sydney who borrowed it from Pip). While a lot of people like to take stock at the beginning or end of months, sometimes it’s good to refocus mid month. Here’s what’s happening now:

Making: lots and lots of bathing suits for a special summer fashion show!
Cooking: as little as possible. Hello, bean salad season
Drinking: tea, tea, and more tea
Reading: The Dressmaker of Khair Khana. OMG- it’s fabulous
Playing: Mason Jennings Minnesota
Enjoying: waking up to the morning sun
Waiting: for the busy summer to start.
Loving: the humidity during my beach vacay last week

Marveling: at the sunrise. every. morning.
Needing: to start running again
Smelling: the fresh cut peonies in bloom!

Wearing: white jeans. I started wearing them everyday starting in February with oversized grey sweaters and I can’t stop…they go with everything!
Following: the trends- I just got a lob (hair pictures to follow!)
Noticing: the affect of the weather on people’s moods (luckily it’s good!)
Knowing: that I need to get organized (again)
Thinking: about caftans, my unofficial uniform of the summer
Feeling: sad about the closing of Piperlime
Bookmarking: travel websites
Opening: birthday presents and bottles of champagne!!



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