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The Great Spinach Dip Experiment

June 4, 2015

Several days ago I went a little crazy with the spinach purchasing at the grocery store. I had already used used two bags in every way possible, so now I had to come up with some new recipes or risk losing my last bag (not an option). The first possibility that popped into my head was spinach dip. Of course! I’ll make spinach dip and use up a lot of my spinach.

There are, however, a couple small problems with me making spinach dip:

  1. I have no idea how to make spinach dip, let alone how to make it vegan
  2. I have no idea what even goes into spinach dip
  3. I don’t know if I can say that I’ve ever actually eaten spinach dip
  4. I don’t even know how you serve it…hot? cold?

Clearly, spinach dip hasn’t made a lot of appearances in my life. But boy was I hellbent on making the stuff this week.

After a half hour of researching recipes, I concluded that I was just going to make it up (not a new idea on my front). The resulting dip was super light, fresh and delicious. I have no idea if it actually tasted like ‘real spinach dip’ or not, but whatever. Ironically, ‘real spinach dip’ is mostly other ingredients with only some spinach in it. Here’s a little step by step with pictures:

Step 1: Gather ingredients


I used: a whole 10oz package of spinach, one small onion, about 1/4 cup of soymilk, and 5oz of cashews. I soaked the cashews for 20-30 minutes prior to soften them up (dispose of water before adding to mixer).

Step 2: Process that business


Left—> Everything above went into the food processer and this was the end result. Note- you can’t put all the spinach in at once. I gradually added it until I finally ran out.

Right—> I read that a lot of people will use water chestnuts in their dip to give it a crunch. I thought celery would work well, so I chopped up a couple stalks and hand mixed them in to the final product.

Step 3: Give it a friend


Originally, I had bought a baguette from the store to go with the dip. I don’t usually have bread in the house, however, and after two days that was ancient history. After returning home from the store (again) only to realize that I forgot to purchase another baguette (yes, you aren’t the only other person that does that) I decided to go homemade. Making your own bread is easy; I’m just lazy. I literally used the recipe on the back of the yeast package.

Step 4: Eat!!


Do these coasters look familiar?? I made them from our wedding invitations back in 2013. Here’s the original blog post.


So delicious! It ended up making a lot, but it was definitely worth it. It would be really great to have at a party as a healthier alternative to traditional spinach dip (which, according to my research, is full of stuff like mayonnaise. gross)

And, in case you were wondering…I served it cold. Smile Happy munching!



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