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Benefits of a Cold Summer

July 16, 2015

I am from the deep South where summer starts in early May and where the chances of a 70° Christmas are very likely. I absolutely love heat and humidity. Every time I traveled during the summer somewhere cooler I always naively chalked up the cold weather to a front moving through or unseasonable temperatures. I couldn’t fathom a place that never got above 75° in the summer.

Then I moved. I now live on the same latitude as Chicago. The first year we had a nice, relatively hot summer. This year is a different story.

As I write this, I am wearing a long sleeve cashmere sweater, running leggings, and socks while sipping on hot tea. I even have the sniffles as if I’m coming down with a cold. The outdoor temperature is reading 55°. The high today (it is only 7am) is predicted to be just under 70°. For many people 60° is ideal. For me, 80° is an ideal indoor temperature (as long as there is airflow) and 89° is an ideal outdoor temperature….hence the sweater and socks.

As a way to cope with this unwelcome weather situation, I’ve made a list of benefits to having a cold (anything under my ideals I deem as cold) summer.

5 Benefits of  a Cold Summer:

1. It provides an excellent opportunity to utilize and grow your cashmere collection

2. You can exercise outdoors during the summer months. You can even attend events after low impact exercise and still look like a normal human being because no real sweating has occurred.

3. You can sleep with the windows open (although, I did this last night and I now feel like I am coming down with something…)

4. Energy bills are greatly reduced (provided you don’t turn on the heat)

5. You truly appreciate any time you have somewhere warmer. Complaining about the heat/sweating/etc is not even on your radar anymore.

Even though I am moderately chilly right now, I cannot complain. I was fortunate enough to have a couple weeks to escape back South and enjoy the heat. It was a blissful two weeks of sweat, beach, and a house with a thermostat on 80°.

Warmest wishes (literally) and- to all my Southerner friends who find their new homes a little too cold- hang in there; you’re not alone!,


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