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Let’s All Dress Like Boys

July 19, 2015

For most people not directly involved, Men’s Fashion Week in New York usually slides by under the radar. It is a week that often lives in the shadows of the much hyped women’s wear weeks. This, however, is truly unfortunate. The world of menswear has so much to offer, not only to men, but also to the way we view women’s clothing.

As I was clicking through Tommy Ton’s pictures from Men’s New York Fashion Week, I found myself thinking, “Omg how fabulous…I want that!” So, in honor of all the great men’s wear out there that could and should be adopted into every woman’s closet, I picked out some of my favorites. Enjoy!

All photos were shot by Tommy Ton for See all 254 shots here.

The white tee is never old…especially when it gets a holographic pocket face lift

Easy tees, boyfriend jeans, jumpsuits…what else could you want?

This guy is totally rocking the floral jumpsuit…and I think I could too.


I could pretty much switch the head out on photoshop and put my face in this picture.

So chill yet so refined

Can we all be friends and call ourselves #thePACK ?

I need his shirt. On my body. Like, now.

A bunch of guys on their smoke break talking about art gallery openings, or my pack of friends chatting about brunch? No one would ever know.

If these pics don’t make you feel inspired to add some menswear to your wardrobe (beyond your boyfriend’s sweater that you only wear on weekends), I don’t know what would. The secret to shopping trendy menswear is to buy designer brands. Barney’s always has a good selection. If the idea of spending a pretty penny on men’s clothing (for yourself) freaks you out, YOOX also has a great selection at discounted prices. Now, let’s all go dress like da boyz.

Happy Shopping!


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