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Glitter for Another Generation: Long Live Limited Too

July 24, 2015


Better get used to seeing this again.

Yeah, that’s right. Limited Too is reportedly making a second go at life. As someone who grew up in the 90’s with two sisters, Limited Too was THE place to shop. It was the mecca of glittery clothes and impractical furniture (yes, I did have an inflatable chair). It was the ultimate destination for birthday presents (but only for close friends. So so friends got body wash from Bath and Body Works). 

I can only imagine what the conference room sounded like when they were having the come-back discussion.

Exec 1: “Hey, remember Limited Too? 90’s kids loved that”

Exec 1: “You know where all those Limited Too loyal kids are now? Having kids of their own”

Exec 2: “Jackpot! Lot’s bring it back”

In honor of the return of Limited Too, here are some very Limited throwback pictures to get you through your Friday. Long live Limited Too…because we all know Justice didn’t really do it justice.

Those catalogues. photo from here

You know you remember this

Just your typical mall scene circa 1990-whenever. Pic here.

*sooo fabulous* (pics from here). And those pants on the right…I totally had those, in silver.

Do you remember your favorite Limited Too outfit? Comment  below; I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Friday!


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