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Newest Shopping Obsession: M. Gemi

August 14, 2015

We all have those websites. You know what I’m talking about. The ones that you mindlessly troll whenever you get a free moment. Sometimes it’s shopping websites, sometimes it’s a blog, and pretty much all other times it’s Pinterest.

My latest website obsession came to me via a Facebook ad. So, way to go Facebook- your algorithms to find out what I love are painfully (and creepily) accurate. The ad showed this pair of shoes:

The Tuta

Uh, who wouldn’t click the link? They are pretty much perfect. Traditional ballet slippers look frumpy, the loafers from the past couple years look dated, but these…these puppies are spot on.

The Cappio

And how great are these sandals? It’s completely a one and done sort of deal. Why bother with 27 flip flops from Target when you can have these? (ps. If you actually have 27 flip flops in your closet you could have easily bought 3 pairs of these with the same money)

The Cammeo

So simple. So perfect. With a 4.25” heel, there is no way your legs won’t look stellar. Unless you have no idea how to walk in heels…then you will look like a fool. In that case, you’d better stick with their great selection of flats.

The Esatto - M.Gemi

If 4.25” is a little frightening to you, check out these beauts. The color is so fresh and so surprisingly not reminiscent of a 90’s bride maid dress.

One thing I really like is that they don’t have a ton of shoes. They’re not lacking by any means, but it’s also not like logging into zappos or DSW and having to wade through the chaos of ugly to get to the cool things. It’s curated, simple, and exactly fills the bill.



I haven’t ordered anything yet, but that’s mostly because I can’t decide on what to get. Until I do decide, you know where I’ll be spending my extra moments (aside from Pinterest, of course). Check out their website here: M. Gemi.



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