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Newest Shopping Obsession: M. Gemi

August 14, 2015

We all have those websites. You know what I’m talking about. The ones that you mindlessly troll whenever you get a free moment. Sometimes it’s shopping websites, sometimes it’s a blog, and pretty much all other times it’s Pinterest.

My latest website obsession came to me via a Facebook ad. So, way to go Facebook- your algorithms to find out what I love are painfully (and creepily) accurate. The ad showed this pair of shoes:

The Tuta

Uh, who wouldn’t click the link? They are pretty much perfect. Traditional ballet slippers look frumpy, the loafers from the past couple years look dated, but these…these puppies are spot on.

The Cappio

And how great are these sandals? It’s completely a one and done sort of deal. Why bother with 27 flip flops from Target when you can have these? (ps. If you actually have 27 flip flops in your closet you could have easily bought 3 pairs of these with the same money)

The Cammeo

So simple. So perfect. With a 4.25” heel, there is no way your legs won’t look stellar. Unless you have no idea how to walk in heels…then you will look like a fool. In that case, you’d better stick with their great selection of flats.

The Esatto - M.Gemi

If 4.25” is a little frightening to you, check out these beauts. The color is so fresh and so surprisingly not reminiscent of a 90’s bride maid dress.

One thing I really like is that they don’t have a ton of shoes. They’re not lacking by any means, but it’s also not like logging into zappos or DSW and having to wade through the chaos of ugly to get to the cool things. It’s curated, simple, and exactly fills the bill.



I haven’t ordered anything yet, but that’s mostly because I can’t decide on what to get. Until I do decide, you know where I’ll be spending my extra moments (aside from Pinterest, of course). Check out their website here: M. Gemi.




Have You Heard of ‘The Middle East’s Creative Ecosystem’ Yet?

August 4, 2015

I don’t like to subscribe to many newsletters (who has time to read a ton of those everyday?) but one I’ve held onto over the years (read: have not rerouted to spam) has been the occasional NJAL newsletter. NJAL stands for ‘Not Just A Label’ and showcases contemporary designers that they feel to be pioneers in the industry. It’s definitely not your same old Vogue newsletter. NJAL is just the right amount of artsy and pragmatic.

Today’s featured article particular caught my eye: The Status Of Fashion Education in the Middle East. Not only was the title intriguing, but the pictures like this one below caught my attention as well.

“From Beirut and Istanbul to Tehran and across to Dubai—NJAL spotlights the educational opportunities available, their accessibility and what it all means for the Middle East’s creative ecosystem” – From the opening paragraph (picture property of NJAL)

I had never thought about Fashion Schools in the Middle East. Honestly, fashion schools are a dime a dozen (Art Institute anyone?) in Western cultures and I hadn’t given much thought to their presence elsewhere (shamefully westo-centric isn’t it?)

The essay is both informative and fascinating as it discusses the institutions that are popping up across the Middle East, from Lebanon to Dubai, and how they are being influenced by their Western cousins. The whole article (they technically call it an essay) is here. It’s a great read from, not only a fashion perspective, but also a global commerce, political, and cultural viewpoint. At a time when our main news stories about the Middle East consist of ISIS and suicide bombings, this essay is both refreshing and uplifting.  If you have a few extra minutes, I highly recommend.

Happy Reading!


Wes Anderson Movie Night

August 1, 2015

It’s Saturday night, and thanks to a thanks to a crazy night last night chaperoning a youth group lock-in (read: not sleeping), I’ll be sticking pretty close to home this evening. While everyone else gets dressed up for dinner and drinks, I’ll be ordering a pizza and slipping into some sweatpants (just kidding. I don’t own sweatpants. I do however, have several pair of themed flannel pajamas…so there’s that).

I’m not a movie person, however, there are some movies that I just love and can’t get enough of. My two favorites in that category would be Dr. Dolittle (the original) and Harvey. I guess I just have something for films made in the mid 1900’s.

Doctor Dolittle (1967) PosterHarvey (1950) Poster

I’m venturing away from old classics tonight, though, and moving on to another loved collection of movies: Wes Anderson films. If you have no idea who Wes Anderson is, maybe this list will jog your memory—>

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster.jpg


Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Moonrise Kingdom FilmPoster.jpeg


Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Fantastic mr fox.jpg


The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Darjeeling Limited Poster.jpg


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)



The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

The Tenenbaums.jpg


FYI- I only included movies that Wes Anderson wrote, produced, and directed. Now the hard choice is to pick one for tonight. I love his style and the newer movies just keep get more and more Wes Andersony, so I’m leaning towards the Grand Budapest. Any way I choose though, I can’t go wrong. If you’re interested in what makes his films so unique (or what ‘Wes Andersony’ actually means), Andy Crump over at Screenrant wrote a great blog post entitled, ‘A beginner’s Guide to Wes Anderson Movies’.

Which movie would you choose to watch? Do you have a favorite Wes Anderson film? I’d love to hear!




Side note: How fabulous would it be to have a Wes Anderson themed party and have all the guests show up as a character from one of the films? I’ll have to file that away under ‘parties to plan’.

Glitter for Another Generation: Long Live Limited Too

July 24, 2015


Better get used to seeing this again.

Yeah, that’s right. Limited Too is reportedly making a second go at life. As someone who grew up in the 90’s with two sisters, Limited Too was THE place to shop. It was the mecca of glittery clothes and impractical furniture (yes, I did have an inflatable chair). It was the ultimate destination for birthday presents (but only for close friends. So so friends got body wash from Bath and Body Works). 

I can only imagine what the conference room sounded like when they were having the come-back discussion.

Exec 1: “Hey, remember Limited Too? 90’s kids loved that”

Exec 1: “You know where all those Limited Too loyal kids are now? Having kids of their own”

Exec 2: “Jackpot! Lot’s bring it back”

In honor of the return of Limited Too, here are some very Limited throwback pictures to get you through your Friday. Long live Limited Too…because we all know Justice didn’t really do it justice.

Those catalogues. photo from here

You know you remember this

Just your typical mall scene circa 1990-whenever. Pic here.

*sooo fabulous* (pics from here). And those pants on the right…I totally had those, in silver.

Do you remember your favorite Limited Too outfit? Comment  below; I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Friday!


Let’s All Dress Like Boys

July 19, 2015

For most people not directly involved, Men’s Fashion Week in New York usually slides by under the radar. It is a week that often lives in the shadows of the much hyped women’s wear weeks. This, however, is truly unfortunate. The world of menswear has so much to offer, not only to men, but also to the way we view women’s clothing.

As I was clicking through Tommy Ton’s pictures from Men’s New York Fashion Week, I found myself thinking, “Omg how fabulous…I want that!” So, in honor of all the great men’s wear out there that could and should be adopted into every woman’s closet, I picked out some of my favorites. Enjoy!

All photos were shot by Tommy Ton for See all 254 shots here.

The white tee is never old…especially when it gets a holographic pocket face lift

Easy tees, boyfriend jeans, jumpsuits…what else could you want?

This guy is totally rocking the floral jumpsuit…and I think I could too.


I could pretty much switch the head out on photoshop and put my face in this picture.

So chill yet so refined

Can we all be friends and call ourselves #thePACK ?

I need his shirt. On my body. Like, now.

A bunch of guys on their smoke break talking about art gallery openings, or my pack of friends chatting about brunch? No one would ever know.

If these pics don’t make you feel inspired to add some menswear to your wardrobe (beyond your boyfriend’s sweater that you only wear on weekends), I don’t know what would. The secret to shopping trendy menswear is to buy designer brands. Barney’s always has a good selection. If the idea of spending a pretty penny on men’s clothing (for yourself) freaks you out, YOOX also has a great selection at discounted prices. Now, let’s all go dress like da boyz.

Happy Shopping!


Benefits of a Cold Summer

July 16, 2015

I am from the deep South where summer starts in early May and where the chances of a 70° Christmas are very likely. I absolutely love heat and humidity. Every time I traveled during the summer somewhere cooler I always naively chalked up the cold weather to a front moving through or unseasonable temperatures. I couldn’t fathom a place that never got above 75° in the summer.

Then I moved. I now live on the same latitude as Chicago. The first year we had a nice, relatively hot summer. This year is a different story.

As I write this, I am wearing a long sleeve cashmere sweater, running leggings, and socks while sipping on hot tea. I even have the sniffles as if I’m coming down with a cold. The outdoor temperature is reading 55°. The high today (it is only 7am) is predicted to be just under 70°. For many people 60° is ideal. For me, 80° is an ideal indoor temperature (as long as there is airflow) and 89° is an ideal outdoor temperature….hence the sweater and socks.

As a way to cope with this unwelcome weather situation, I’ve made a list of benefits to having a cold (anything under my ideals I deem as cold) summer.

5 Benefits of  a Cold Summer:

1. It provides an excellent opportunity to utilize and grow your cashmere collection

2. You can exercise outdoors during the summer months. You can even attend events after low impact exercise and still look like a normal human being because no real sweating has occurred.

3. You can sleep with the windows open (although, I did this last night and I now feel like I am coming down with something…)

4. Energy bills are greatly reduced (provided you don’t turn on the heat)

5. You truly appreciate any time you have somewhere warmer. Complaining about the heat/sweating/etc is not even on your radar anymore.

Even though I am moderately chilly right now, I cannot complain. I was fortunate enough to have a couple weeks to escape back South and enjoy the heat. It was a blissful two weeks of sweat, beach, and a house with a thermostat on 80°.

Warmest wishes (literally) and- to all my Southerner friends who find their new homes a little too cold- hang in there; you’re not alone!,


The Evolution of Mary-Kate and Ashley

June 16, 2015

Most people can’t legitimately claim that they’ve been famous since their first year of birth…and then there’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They scored their first acting job at six months and have managed to grow up in the limelight without many of the adverse affects that plague child stars.

It’s really quite impressive how they went from this:

to this:


And in case you haven’t been following along with general fashion news, (or missed this blog post) that last picture is from this past month when the girls won Women’s Wear Designer of the Year at the Annual CFDA Awards (read: big f-ing deal).

So just for the fun of it, here’s a fun little chronological look at MK and Ash through the ages.

Full House:

Every child in who grew up in the 90’s watched Full House. It was THE show.

Moving on to the Movies:

To Grandmother's House We Go.jpg

At some point during Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley started filming movies. Insert collective mind blowing to every 90’s child who thus found out ‘Michelle Tanner’ was in fact two people.

How the West Was Fun.jpg

Billboard Dad.jpg

They seemed to like the whole movie thing (do what works, right?) because that continued on for a while. Clearly, they were the hottest name in tweens.

The Fan Club:

What is any successful 90’s actress/icon without a fan club? (answer: nothing). Butterfly clips, tattoo chokers, tube tops…this picture is totally worthy to sit beside my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

The Awkward Years = Conquered:

Maybe it’s to the credit of a great PR team and some amazing stylists, but MK and A somehow seamlessly avoided the whole awkward teen gap. It’s like they jumped from 15 to 19 in one fluid motion.

The College Year:

It was as if turning 18 and later going to college (if only for a year) gave the girls permission to let loose from the PR clutch and be themselves. Enter: the boho years.

Defining Style:

mary kate and ashley fashion intro

After a while of wearing every single article of clothing they could find (usually all at once), the twins finally found their style. Around the same time they launched their label: The Row…which, in my opinion, is one of the most wearable high fashion lines available.  (picture credit)


A look from the Row’s Spring 2015 line. As someone just a year younger than the twins, it blows my mind to think that they started this line a mere year after graduating high school (for me. it would be two years for them…but still). (photo creds)

My hat really goes off to these two ladies. They have worked hard to get where they are. Yes, I’m sure they’ve received a lot of help. Yes, they do have quite a bit of money to work with. However, at the end of the day, it takes quite a bit of stamina to grow up, discover yourself, and pursue your passions in the midst of every paparazzi on Earth.

What are your thoughts on the dynamic duo?