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Before You DIY

Before You DIY:

I know how easy it is for the average social media addict to get sucked into various DIY projects. We have Pinterest, Etsy, and millions of Mommy Blogs exclaiming how easy fixing a blah blah blah or making a blah blah blah is. Sometimes this is true, it really just comes down to two things…yo skillz and yo resourcez. So, before you DIY, save yourself some hassle and go through this checklist:

  •     Do I really have the time to do this project (without causing horrible sleep deprivation and therefore becoming an angry, irritated bitch to everyone around me)? if yes-continue to below questions. If no- put all the fun projects you will never have time to do on a pinterest board and wait until you give up another piece of your life and have more time.
  •     Do I actually have the tools required to complete this project? If yes- awesome, proceed to the last question. If no- is the cost of buying the tools going to cancel out  ‘all the money I’m saving’ by doing it myself?
  •     Do I actually have the skillz to complete this project? If yes- great! You are ready to start creating. If no- set the hammer down, get in your car, drive to pottery barn,  purchase whatever you were going to make.

Obviously, there are other questions you should ask (like, do I have the space to realistically complete this project?), but going through the above checklist will at least keep you from making any really stupid mistakes.

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