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Easter Brunch Ideas

March 12, 2013

Easter has always been a big deal to me. I would actually argue that it is THE most important Christian holiday (although Easter and Christmas kind of have one of those chicken or the egg? deals going on) and there is nothing more appropriate to celebrate than gathering friends and family for an Easter Brunch. I will, of course, post all my Easter Brunch pictures once it happens, but that doesn’t help you any if you’re planning your own party! Here are some ideas I’ve been collecting:


Food! It’s really not a party without food, isn’t it? When I was coming up with my menu, I wanted to make items that could be made ahead of time. This way, I can cook all Saturday and then just warm everything up before people arrive. I think we are also adding buffalo chicken to the menu,  because a) my husband has an unhealthy addiction to it and b) he just learned how to make his own.


Make sure  you decide your menu BEFORE sending out invites. I am actually going to send a menu with the invites so if anyone has food allergies, etc they can warn me in advance.



Aah the table. If you don’t know where to start, pick one thing you really love and work around that. I have Easter plates similar to one above that I just love. They will be dictating the whole color scheme of earthy blues and greens. Think of it like designing your living room around a rug.



Nothing quite says celebrate like a mimosa bar (tomorrow I’ll tell you how to make a buffet table to serve these on!)

I’m not a big frilly, eggs all over the place kind of person, so I want to keep my party earthy and natural. My color scheme is going to be sky blue, teal blue, moss green, and white with yellow details. Want more ideas? Follow me on pinterest as I keep brainstorming for Spring!

xoxox Bucky

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